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1- Salamis Bay Conti Hotel 

Participants whose papers have been accepted or those who want to follow the conference will cover their own accommodation. The Organizing Committee presents some accommodation options that may be close to the Conference Venue for you below. If you wish to stay at this hotel, you can contact the organizing committee ( Res. Asst. Merve Nur Değerli) and get help with the conference participant discount. 

Salamis Bay Conti Hotel 

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2- Guesthouse Famagusta 

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Those who want to get the most out of famagusta's historical, exotic and cultural fabric can stay at the Guesthouse Famagusta, which is located in the heart of the Walled City in Famagusta. Those who wish to stay here can make reservations by stating that they are conference participants through Airbnb. For futher details contact with Dr. Okan Dağlı, Cell Phone: +90 533 861 8191. 

2- EMU Guesthouse (In Campus) Namık Kemal and Halide Edip Guesthouses

University Guesthouses are the most suitable option in terms of accommodation fee. These are centrally located on Campus and walking distance of venue and dining places. For futher information email Manager of the Guesthouses. Mrs. Nazan Hocanın, email: It is possible to send the conference official email as well. 

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